School Support & Strategy

schoolSupportPicOften times a child’s first issue arises in a school environment, among his/her peers, not in a personalized environment like their own home. Even if the parents are educated on how to respond to their child’s needs, the teacher/school doesn’t always know to best serve that individual child within the realm of the classroom. Support and strategy is needed to keep families and schools in sync and working together to help make the child’s student experience successful as well.

  • Full Educational Evaluation
  • Gifted Assessment & IQ
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Literacy Remediation
  • Behavioral Support
  • Advocacy
  • Accommodations & IEP assistance
  • Case Management
  • Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
  • Executive Function/Mediated Learning
  • Gifted Enrichment
  • Tutoring


Social Functioning

socialFunctioningPicWe do not live in a world of isolation; we interact with people at school, at home, in the workplace and while we are having fun. Only a small percentage of time do we spend alone, not interacting and relating to others. If your child is having problems forming and/or maintaining healthy relationships with family members or peers, there is no time to waste. Social isolation can have a large impact on the child’s school experience, not to mention lead to future mental health issues.Most of us think that social functioning is something we are born with or naturally catch on to, however it only comes easily for some. Most of us need help honing our social awareness and skill set even if we have good models in our lives.

  • Individual Social Coaching
  • Sibling Relationship
  • Social Enrichment Groups


Family Relationships

familyRelationshipsPicThere’s no doubt, parenting is tough…period. No matter what your parenting style, the process of relating, teaching, and most importantly, loving a child is a huge responsibility. With all that said, there is time to make it fun too. Sometimes when there’s a significant family shift like a divorce, a diagnosis, or death, family relationships take the brunt of it all and your child(ren) end up your personal “projects” or jobs rather than people you relate to, respect and have fun with. Healthy family relationships are foundational in a child’s life, especially when a parent is asking a child to change a behavior, add a new skill set or adapt to a new environment.

  • Individual Counseling/Children and Adolescents
  • Marital Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Parent Support and Coaching
  • Divorce Support and Coparent Planning