I am writing to recommend Jen Jones, and Your Bright Side. My family and I have had the pleasure of working with Jen for the past couple of months, in counseling our so in social therapy. With every session we have had with Jen, not only has my husband and I been able to understand our son Ryan’s struggles with ASD, I feel we as a family (including our two other sons) have become stronger as a family unit, in helping Ryan succeed. Jen has amazed us each week with her insight and therapy techniques. Jen has had extensive experience working with children on the spectrum, which is clear to us in her knowledge and as she gives examples from her time with other students. I fully recommend your consideration for the Bright Side.
Stephanie W.
I would highly recommend Your Bright Side practice (Jennifer Jones) as a resource for working with children. My daughter has sensory integration disorder and had various issues we needed help with. Jen was wonderful in helping us address behavioral issues, as well as other areas such as a sensory diet, to practical things we can implement to help her be more regulated and self-controlled with her body. My daughter absolutely loves to go see her, and even though we are “working” on issues, it doesn’t seem like it to her, as Jen has a way of working with kids. Like I said, in the beginning, I would recommend her to anyone needing support in working with children who have special needs.
Michelle A.